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My name's Volodymyr but you might know me as Wolod. I'm doing my best to bring fun, challenging and polished games into this world since 2011. Game development is my passion and I hope that you'll enjoy playing my games as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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Wolod's News

Posted by Wolod - August 25th, 2016

Hi, guys!
Me alongside with the Dragon's Games team released early access version of our RPG called Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest on Steam! It also has a free demo. So what are you waiting for? Check it out!

Get it on Steam

About This Game

It seems that the whole world is on the verge of the terrific cataclysm. Strange cults and evil monsters spread on the once peaceful lands. But who cares? Maybe you?! The time for adventures and glorious deeds has come! It's time to complete probably an epic quest!

Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest is an old-school parody role-playing game. Prepare to explore a vast fantasy world, complete dozens of weird and zany quests, fight dangerous foes, loot every chest that you'll stumble upon to and even talk to animals, while looking for a cucumber that your wife asked you to bring. Maybe you'll even get the opportunity to save the world. Who knows?

Game Features

  • 9 playable character classes, each with it's own possibilities
  • mysterious fantasy world to explore
  • strange NPC's and lots of quests
  • more than 100 unique artifacts and equipment
  • dynamic battle system
  • weird monsters and mighty bosses to fight


Posted by Wolod - May 11th, 2016

Hi, everyone!
Due to the players' feedback I created the post-jam version of 1985. The most frequently asked features were: a map and a bigger frame. Well... Here you go!


  • increased game resolution from 64x64 to 170x96;
  • added minimap;
  • adjusted jump strength of tall character;
  • few small bug fixes.

Posted by Wolod - November 12th, 2015

Hi, everyone!
During the last year I was working on the RPG project called Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest. It's a parody game based in the weird fantasy world. And today is the big day for me and my team because we've finally published free demo on Steam! There's still lots of work to do. As I can assume full game will be available in a few months.
I hope that you'll like it.

Download demo on Steam

Posted by Wolod - June 28th, 2015

Hi everyone!
Me and my girlfriend created a game for the Construct Deception Jam. It is called "It Needs Care".

Few words about the game: you were chosen to test a new virtual pet toy from "Ikura" corporation. They claim that their tamagotchi-like toy is the new word in the entertainment industry. So now you're raising your new pet. It's cool to make new friends, isn't it?

I'll be glad if you'll take a look at it and it would be great if you'll like it!

Posted by Wolod - January 28th, 2015

Hi everyone! Me and one more guy from the Dragon's Games team are working on a RPG project since June 2014. Yesterday we posted our early gameplay footage on Steam Greenlight! It will be cool if you'd check it out and tell what you think or even help us to get greenlit!

So what's the game about? Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest is a parody RPG based in fantasy setting. 
Evil monsters spread across the world, dangerous ancient ruins cover valuable treasures and powerful curses. It seems that careless and cruel gods had forgotten about their children. But who cares? Maybe you?! It’s time for adventures and glorious deeds! It’s time to complete probably an epic quest!


  • 9 playable character classes, each with it's own possibilities
  • simple and intuitive controls
  • mysterious fantasy world to explore
  • strange NPC's and lots of quests
  • more than 100 unique artefacts and equipment
  • dynamic battle system with indirect controls
  • unusual and fun bestiary with mighty bosses to fight

Posted by Wolod - November 27th, 2014

Hi there everyone!
I was paricipating in #indiesvspewdiepie jam. My entry is called Spacebenders and it is a multiplayer oriented 2D shooter with some interesting mechanics. You don't have ability to inflict damage directly. But you can swap your position with your enemy or with other objects on the map.

Currently this game supports only local multiplayer and matches aginst bots. I plan to add online multiplayer along with tons of new content and arenas in the future. 3 days is not so much time you know :D

Try it out now and leave feedback. As I plan to improve this game in the future, your comments will be very helpful.

Play Spacebenders

If you liked it feel free to vote for it on it's jam page:


Posted by Wolod - September 22nd, 2014

Today was released update v.1.4 for Intel Was Wrong. Major bugs with inventory and combat systems along with bunch of small ones were fixed. Code was optimized greatly, so the game must work much more smoother now. I hope you'll like it!


  • fixed bug with inventory;
  • fixed bug with combat initialization;
  • code optimization;
  • lots of small changes and fixes.

Play Intel Was Wrong v.1.4

Posted by Wolod - August 30th, 2014

Hi, guys! Today I've created new update for One Fine Day. Gamepad and touch support and much more awaits!


  • code optimization;
  • fixed bug with gravity beams;
  • redesigned some interface elements;
  • added gamepad and touchscreen support.

Play One Fine Day

Posted by Wolod - August 25th, 2014

Hi, everyone! Rain of Blobs was created last year in a day and frankly speaking it wasn't very good game. To be honest this little project was a shameful burden for me xD

That's why I've promised myself that one day I'll change it for good. So this day has come! I won't be ashamed for this game anymore ;)

First of all I've optimized the code, so now there won't be any lags in dynamical scenes. And I've completely redrawn in-game graphics. I hope you'll like it.

Play Rain of Blobs v.1.1


  • complete graphics redesign;

  • code optimization.

Screenshot from v.1.1

Posted by Wolod - July 7th, 2014

In this update I've added gamepad support as Tom suggested. Check gamepad controls below and play the game.


  • D-pad left and D-pad right - move
  • X - toggle run/walk mode
  • A - jump
  • D-pad up and D-pad down - climb ladders
  • D-pad down - use
  • B - shoot