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Hi there everyone!
I was paricipating in #indiesvspewdiepie jam. My entry is called Spacebenders and it is a multiplayer oriented 2D shooter with some interesting mechanics. You don't have ability to inflict damage directly. But you can swap your position with your enemy or with other objects on the map.

Currently this game supports only local multiplayer and matches aginst bots. I plan to add online multiplayer along with tons of new content and arenas in the future. 3 days is not so much time you know :D

Try it out now and leave feedback. As I plan to improve this game in the future, your comments will be very helpful.

Play Spacebenders

If you liked it feel free to vote for it on it's jam page:


Today was released update v.1.4 for Intel Was Wrong. Major bugs with inventory and combat systems along with bunch of small ones were fixed. Code was optimized greatly, so the game must work much more smoother now. I hope you'll like it!


  • fixed bug with inventory;
  • fixed bug with combat initialization;
  • code optimization;
  • lots of small changes and fixes.

Play Intel Was Wrong v.1.4

Hi, guys! Today I've created new update for One Fine Day. Gamepad and touch support and much more awaits!


  • code optimization;
  • fixed bug with gravity beams;
  • redesigned some interface elements;
  • added gamepad and touchscreen support.

Play One Fine Day

Rain of Blobs v.1.1 - major update

2014-08-25 14:32:08 by Wolod

Hi, everyone! Rain of Blobs was created last year in a day and frankly speaking it wasn't very good game. To be honest this little project was a shameful burden for me xD

That's why I've promised myself that one day I'll change it for good. So this day has come! I won't be ashamed for this game anymore ;)

First of all I've optimized the code, so now there won't be any lags in dynamical scenes. And I've completely redrawn in-game graphics. I hope you'll like it.

Play Rain of Blobs v.1.1


  • complete graphics redesign;

  • code optimization.

Screenshot from v.1.1

Night Strike Infiltrators v.1.12

2014-07-07 11:09:33 by Wolod

In this update I've added gamepad support as Tom suggested. Check gamepad controls below and play the game.


  • D-pad left and D-pad right - move
  • X - toggle run/walk mode
  • A - jump
  • D-pad up and D-pad down - climb ladders
  • D-pad down - use
  • B - shoot

Night Strike Infiltrators v.1.11

2014-06-16 20:40:23 by Wolod

Due to players' feedback I've created this small update today. If you thought that player was running too fast you can turn on walking mode! If you thought that player was climbing too slow on ladders you'll be pleased too!


  • added ability for player to toggle between walking and running (R or Shift);
  • increased climbing speed.

Night Strike Infiltrators v.1.1

2014-06-02 17:57:18 by Wolod

Greeting to all agents here!

I'm glad to announce that new missions and lots of another stuff is available for you now.



  • added 6 new missions;
  • added 2 new upgrades;
  • added 1 new enemy (rocket turret);
  • added 1 new boss;
  • added 1 new achievement;
  • lowered inertia of the player a bit to make movement smoother;
  • darkened some HUD elements to make reload animation easier to see;
  • rebalanced time goals;
  • bunch of small fixes.

Night Strike Infiltrators

2014-05-29 11:34:07 by Wolod

My project for Construct 2030 Jam called Night Strike Infiltrators was released today. It is a fast-paced platform shooter that features: 12 missions of oldschool arcade action, 2 bosses to test your skill, upgrades and achievements. Hope you'll like it.

Intel Was Wrong v.1.31 & v.1.32

2014-03-27 08:01:47 by Wolod

The last two days were hard for me. Players found some nasty bugs that should be fixed. As a result new combat system is fully functional now. And I did something awful... I decreased difficulty.

1.32 - 27/03/14

  • fixed bug with getting trapped in combat;
  • possibility of negative events was decreased.

1.31 - 26/03/14

  • fixed bug with invisible enemies and player on combat screen.

Intel Was Wrong v.1.3

2014-03-25 12:30:37 by Wolod

I have to thank players again. Due to their feedback this new update of Intel Was Wrong was released! Thanks for playing and have fun!


  • fixed bug with incorrect starting combat;
  • fixed bug with recharging shield;
  • completely redesigned ground and space combat;
  • added indicator for player's HP on combat screen;
  • enemy spaceships' hull capacity reduced by 25%;
  • added more detailed controls description.