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I noticed that people in the comments claim that this is the final episode. Damn... I wish you to sort out your troubles soon. And really hope to see the real end of this cartoon sometime in the future.

Bro! Hey bro! I've got some snacks for ya

Meanwhile in the UK... Oi! Do you have a swiping loicense, mate?

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Nothing happens after white ellipse loading bar fills on Chrome :(

EDIT: tried it on Firefox as you suggested. It works fine :)

DrNefarius responds:

It is possible that Chrome is unable to load it, even though the first time I tried it worked. I'm very sorry about it... Please, try using Firefox!

This is so good in all of its awfulness

I like the idea but execution could be better. Here are few advises: decrease falling speed by 50% to make it easier to control character in the mid-air, add some checkpoints and change the way the pink jump things work. I'd make it this way: add a variable that represents number of jumps available to the player. It's default value is 1 and when you land that variable is reset back to 1. When you touch pink rhombus extra jump is added automatically to the jump counter. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

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Nice and very atmospheric track. Keep it up!

5/5 nuff said...

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:


Heavy and aggressive, I like it! I never really liked Slipknot though :D

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Thanks haha

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Here we can see 3 things that I like: pigs, a mech and a reference to one of my favorite tale. What not to love?

This is one of the best crossovers I've ever seen!

Great news, congratulations! I moved too few months ago. Hope that my year-long procrastination period will come to an end soon haha

Onosse responds:

oh congratulations! I get the procrastinating, sometimes art is so difficult to make, haha

My name's Volodymyr but you might know me as Wolod. I'm doing my best to bring fun, challenging and polished games into this world since 2011. Game development is my passion and I hope that you'll enjoy playing my games as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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