My Game on Greenlight

2015-01-28 04:32:17 by Wolod

Hi everyone! Me and one more guy from the Dragon's Games team are working on a RPG project since June 2014. Yesterday we posted our early gameplay footage on Steam Greenlight! It will be cool if you'd check it out and tell what you think or even help us to get greenlit!

So what's the game about? Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest is a parody RPG based in fantasy setting. 
Evil monsters spread across the world, dangerous ancient ruins cover valuable treasures and powerful curses. It seems that careless and cruel gods had forgotten about their children. But who cares? Maybe you?! It’s time for adventures and glorious deeds! It’s time to complete probably an epic quest!


  • 9 playable character classes, each with it's own possibilities
  • simple and intuitive controls
  • mysterious fantasy world to explore
  • strange NPC's and lots of quests
  • more than 100 unique artefacts and equipment
  • dynamic battle system with indirect controls
  • unusual and fun bestiary with mighty bosses to fight


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2015-01-28 10:31:54

Clicked YES and added it to the NG Greenlight collection!

Wolod responds:

Thank you very much!


2015-01-29 10:12:05

It looks interesting enough for me to try out, I'll give it a yes as soon as I find out if the music I hear in the trailer changes while playing XD

Wolod responds:

It's the intro cutscene theme ;)