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My name's Volodymyr but you might know me as Wolod. I'm doing my best to bring fun, challenging and polished games into this world since 2011. Game development is my passion and I hope that you'll enjoy playing my games as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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Knightin'+ on Mobile and Giveaway!

Posted by Wolod - February 10th, 2021

So it finally happened... For the first time my game gets a mobile release! Knightin'+ is available on Android and iOS now. And since my birthday is just in a few days I decided to celebrate with a new giveaway. To enter you need to like and share this tweet: https://twitter.com/Wolod1402/status/1359655671319429123

4 random winners will be announced on February 14th and will receive a code for a preferred mobile OS. Good luck!

AppStore: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/knightin/id1547814426

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crescentmoongames.knightin




Comments (3)

I dunno man, Did you see the Terraria dev get scammed? I wouldn't do this if I were you, and instead I'd use the generous character count limit of news posts to be in depth about maintaining data privacy and why we should just revert back to using Nokia 3310s.

Yep, it's a sad story. Well, I don't risk anything. If someone's account will be banned it will be my publisher's account not mine.

It's a pity that I can't afford to abandon social media completely. Social networks are a complete waste of time and can cause trouble if you're stupid enough to share lots of your private data. On the other hand I use my accounts to promote my work and to check out funny memes. News about my games is basically the only type of posts I make there. Stopped uploading personal photos or videos years ago. Usually don't write any comments either (except of replies like this one). I don't use their messaging systems if I want to discuss something private with my friends too. And I'm not a dumb narcissist to make any nude photos or videos of myself with my phone.

So yeah, I don't need to need to take out my trustworthy Nokia 5130 from the drawer yet.

Congratulations and happy early birthday!
Really curious how Knightin'+ will work on mobile.

Thanks a lot! I played it on my 5" smartphone and it was pretty fun. Touchscreen controls are not as good as keyboard or controller of couse. But definitely not awful haha

I do have phones but you know what, I'm happy with just the stationary one here. :) Awesome initiative again though! And Congrats! Also Happy Birthday!

Thanks a lot! Gonna party hard on Sunday ;)