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My name's Volodymyr but you might know me as Wolod. I'm doing my best to bring fun, challenging and polished games into this world since 2011. Game development is my passion and I hope that you'll enjoy playing my games as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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reported them with links to the original content and steam page, used a microsoft dev account too if that helps flag it as important for them

Thank you very much for your support! I hope that this fake will be taken down soon

Woah, wonder how systematized this potential profit method might be, it's really a pretty clever approach if they can do this en masse, get whatever profits they can before a game's reported; move onto another one; possibly run multiple fake developer accounts in parallel with different games on each...

Hope it gets sorted fast though, of course! Reported it too. If you want mass action here it might be good with quick instructions on how to do so above; what references to provide in said message as evidence. Steam links and such (free promo at the same time hmm ;)...

I think that you're totally right. I won't be surprised if that fake developer network exists already. The game is 45% off on Steam right now btw. And since I love Newgrounds community I'm going make a giveaway to thank you all for the support. But first I need to get a good sleep. It's 2AM at my place right now.

Seems you found this one real fast at least, they can't have managed to make much here in just a day, if anything...

I was lucky that one guy DM'd me about this on Twitter today.

WOOOH and I thought my thievery was bad.

Good thievery is a thievery that gets unnoticed ;)

Edit the post and ask people to report at the bottom of the page

Thanks for the advice. Just did it

I posted:

This game was NOT developed by TG999 but by Muzt Die Studies. TG999 are SCAMMERS ripping off the original artist. PLEASE REMOVE THIS GAME

Here is the original publisher proof: https://store.steampowered.com/app/922710/Knightin/

Ask them to say something to this effect

Thank you very much for the support!

45% off on Steam and just above double that on the the fake one hmm, wonder if they adjusted with that in mind or if 91% off is standard practice here. :) Bit surprised Microsoft haven't done anything yet though, thought they'd be fast with abuse-related stuff...

Giveaway sounds awesome too. :) Hope you got some sleep regardless!

I've got a reply that they received my DMCA complaint today. We'll see how it will end. As for the giveaway, I think that the next Friday will be a perfect time :)

@DucclyDumbo @Wolod True!, I went unnoticed for about a month then got caught xD Banned me for a year.

Good to hear; fingers crossed then. :)And looking forward to next weekend!